Sponsor the Men’s Rugby 7’s National Team

Your Support Determines the Future of Canada’s Rugby 7’s

Funding by the Canadian Government (Sport Canada, Own the Podium, etc.) is extremely limited for amateur sport and particularly rugby.

Unlike many of the top competing teams on the IRB Rugby 7’s circuit, rugby in Canada is considered an amateur sport.  Our athletes sacrifice much more than their competitors in order to compete for Canada.

To play and train full time at the elite levels, players often have to delay their education or careers. Unlike many countries that have centrally contracted players, Canada’s players end up travelling from all over to get to each tournament. That can marginalize the outcome of a game, as every day of training is crucial.

Support the future of the Rugby 7’s and the development of Canada’s Men’s Rugby 7’s National team. All sponsorships are 100% eligible for a Canadian tax receipt (charity # 86915 9186 RR0001).

Platinum Cup $10,000 CAD $75,000 HKD
Gold Plate $5,000 CAD $40,000 HKD
Silver Bowl $2,500 CAD $20,000 HKD
Bronze Shield $1,000 CAD $8,000 HKD

Sponsor contributing a minimum of $25,000 CAD will be nominated to become a “Contributing Member” of the Canadian Rugby Foundation. The CRF currently has 16 contributing members.

There are several ways to gift money to the Canadian Rugby Hong Kong 7’s & Olympic Fund:


PayPal & Credit Card


Additional Charges Apply


* Smaller Monthly Sponsorships

Monthly sponsorship of $20 CAD / $100 HKD, by PayPal or credit card are very appreciated. Tax receipts for this form of gift will be written at the end of the calendar year for the total amount sponsored.


Sponsorship of Stock

This type of sponsorship provides the sponsor with an enhanced Canadian tax exemption.

For more information on any of the above sponsorship methods, or to inquire about a bank transfer or money order, please contact the Canadian Rugby HK 7’s & Olympic Fund by emailing our Communications and Fundraising department info@canadahksevens.com.