The Fund


In 2012 the fund was branded and we set the goal to build a $1,000,000 CAD endowment, held in an account managed by the Canadian Rugby Foundation,  in Victoria, B.C. Approximately 30% of each year’s net fundraising revenue goes towards supporting Canadian players and funding the development of Rugby Canada’s national 7s programs. The 30% goes towards hiring more coaches, training programs, the ability to enter more tournaments and the ability to search for new talent across Canada.

Our 2019 fundraising goal is not just to bring a winning team to the Hong Kong 7s, but to help finance the efforts to assemble and train a competitive national squad to compete on an international level against professionally funded countries.

The annual Canadian Rugby 7s luncheon, has become a focal point to raise awareness and financial support for the team and to gather Canadian rugby supporters.

By providing solid, consistent funding, program managers and coaches will be able to plan in advance and work strategically to best commit the staff, players and funding, and:

  • launch Coaching Development Programs that will identify and develop talented players and provide better coaching at the youth levels all across Canada, helping to create high performance athletes for the National level.
  • give the team the ability to arrive in Hong Kong prior to the IRB sanctioned tournament early to acclimatize and train together (players often play on professional contracts in different countries)
  • consistently search for 20 new players a year to fill the rosters and compete at a national level, and:
  • bring professional staff members such as doctors, coaches and physiotherapists – to the tournaments based on allowances of the IRB.

The “Direct-to-Player Incentive Sponsorship Program” launched in 2016 continued this year with another round of generous giving from the luncheon attendees.  This program sets a C$ payout to each player on the Hong Kong 7s roster based on their tournament finish.  Cash payouts are made for top 9 finishes ranging from 100% of funds raised for a Cup win (1st place) to 20% for a Bowl win (9th place).  Funds not paid out are set aside to ensure this program continues in the future.

The Canada Rugby 7s Fund wishes the team well in the rest of their season and look forward to their futures successes. 

Planning for our 2019 annual luncheon and box seat sales starts in August so if you missed out this year, please contact if you would like to join us to show your support. Fundraising efforts have expanded to encompass online auctions, major raffles and off the field lobbying at year round events.